Manual Software Testing Training

Paving the Path to Quality Assurance Excellence

Welcome to Brainiacs Consulting’s Software Testing training program, your gateway to becoming a proficient quality assurance professional. In a world driven by technology, the demand for software testers has never been higher. Our comprehensive training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in software testing and quality assurance.

Why Choose Our Software Testing Training?

🚀 Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our training program is designed by industry experts, ensuring that you learn the latest techniques and best practices in software testing.

🌐 Hands-On Learning: Dive into practical exercises, real-world projects, and interactive simulations that mirror the challenges you’ll face in the field.

🧩 Comprehensive Coverage: From test planning and execution to automation and performance testing, our curriculum covers all aspects of software testing, making you a well-rounded QA professional.

📈 Data-Driven QA: Learn how to use data and analytics to enhance your testing processes and deliver software with higher quality and reliability.

🤝 Career Advancement: Beyond training, we offer career support services, including interview preparation and job placement assistance, to help you launch or advance your career in quality assurance.

Manual Software Testing Training Curriculum

  • What is testing? Importance of Testing
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Principles of software testing
  • What is Quality?
  • How much testing is enough?
  • Differences between Manual and Automation Testing.
    1. SDLC Phases
    • Requirements Phase.
    • Analysis Phase.
    • Design phase.
    • Coding Phase.
    • Testing phase.
    • Delivery and Maintenance Phase.


    1. SDLC Models
    • Waterfall Model.
    • V Model
    • Agile Model.
    • Prototype Model.
    • Spiral Model.
  • White Box Testing.
  • Black Box Testing.
  • Grey Box Testing.
    1. Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing.
    • Sanity/Smoke Testing.
    • Regression Test.


    1. Non-Functional Testing
    • Performance Testing.
    • Memory Test
    • Scalability Testing.
    • Compatibility Testing.
    • Security Testing.
    • Cookies Testing.
    • Session Testing.
    • Recovery Testing.
    • Installation Testing.
    • Adhoc Testing.
    • Risk-Based Testing.
    • I18N Testing.
    • L1ON Testing.
    • Compliance Testing.
    1. Requirements Analysis/Design
    • Understand the requirements
    • Prepare Traceability Matrix


    1. Test Planning
    • Scope of Testing.
    • Roles & Responsibilities.
    • Risks & Mitigations.
    • Entry & Exit Criteria.
    • Test Automation.


    1. Test Cases Design
    • Write Test cases
    • Review Test cases
    • Test Cases Template
    • Types of Test Cases
    • Difference between Test Scenarios and Test Cases.


    1. Test Environment setup
    • Understand the SRS Hardware and software requirements Test Data


    1. Test Execution
    • Execute test cases.
    • Defect Tracking and Reporting.
    • Types of Bugs.
    • Identifying the Bugs.
    • Bug/Defect Life Cycle.
    • Reporting the Bugs.
    • Severity and priority


    1. Test Closure
    • Criteria for test closure.
    • Test summary report


    1. Test Metrics
    • What are Test Measurements?
    • Why Test Metrics?
    • Metric Life Cycle.
    • Types of Manual Test Metrics.

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring Quality Assurance Professionals: Kickstart your career in quality assurance by gaining the skills and expertise required in the field.

  • Software Developers and Testers: Enhance your understanding of software testing to contribute to higher-quality software development.

  • Managers and Team Leads: Learn how to lead and manage effective quality assurance teams to ensure successful project outcomes.

  • Tech Enthusiasts: Explore the world of software testing as a valuable skillset for today’s tech-driven world.

What you will learn

  • Understand what is testing
  • Understand the software development process.
  • Better understanding of software development architectures.
  • Become familiar with the characteristics of software development models.
  • Gain a basic understanding of testing procedures.
  • Be aware of various techniques for testing.
  • Gain a better understanding of the many forms of testing.
  • Prepare and create a test plan
  • Develop, document, and execute test cases.
  • Complete the test closure report document.

Course Benefit

Join our Software Testing training program and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of quality assurance.

Ready to Raise the Bar in Quality Assurance?

Join our Software Testing training program and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of quality assurance.

Got Questions?

Our team is here to assist. Contact us at or +44 7713989748 to learn more about our training program and how it can elevate your career in software testing.

Course Fee: £599 

UK: £599 
Nigeria: ₦499,000 vat inclusive
Kenya: 89,830 KES vat inclusive
Uganda: 2,195,300 UGX vat inclusive
Ghana: 6,950 GHS vat inclusive
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Training Type

Our Digital Marketing training program spans 12 weeks, ensuring a deep understanding of digital marketing concepts and strategies, with 3 months work placement thereafter. Job reference and continuous support and prepping for interviews.


You are required to have a computer, tab or at least a smartphone. Internet connection and basic knowledge of computer.


Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a Certification from Brainiacs Consulting, validating your expertise in digital marketing. We also support with preparation for any external certification.

Class Location



The Course will run for 6 – 8 weeks, with two theory classes per week (5 theory classes in total), and project-building participation (practical)

Next Training Start Date

April, 2024

Discounted Fee (Limited Offer)

UK: £299
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Nigeria: ₦209,000 vat inclusive
Kenya: 39,000 KES vat inclusive
Uganda: 1,008,000 UGX vat inclusive
Ghana: 3,080 Cedis vat inclusive
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